Residential Customers

$35.00 Per Hour


Business Customers

$75.00 to $125.00 Per Hour


Windows Reinstallation/Full System Reset/Restore



This service includes backing up of personal documents/pictures and other files up to 15GB of data (additional fee may be required for file backup that exceeds 15GB) Windows reinstallation, driver installation and update, Windows and security updates, reincorporation of personal documents and files and various software installations such as antivirus and other necessary software applications. 



Hardware Installation

$35.00 Per Hour Plus Hardware/Materials for Residential Customers

$75.00 Per Hour Plus Hardware/Materials for Business Customers


This service includes all labor necessary to perform the hardware upgrade and installation, including installation of drivers and software associated with the hardware if necessary. Materials such as thermal paste, screws and other items necessary but not included with the hardware are additional.



System Diagnostics

$35.00 for Residential Customers

$75.00 for Business Customers


System diagnostic services include a full diagnostic of the system, including CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, Motherboard, Power Supply and other components within the system.



Virus Removal

$35.00 Per Hour for Residential Customers

$75.00 Per Hour for Business Customers



Website Design

Cost Varies Upon Website


The costs associated with a website vary from site to site depending upon the complexity of the site and other variables. Please contact us to discuss this service and howe we may be able to help you!



System Build

$100.00 Per Unit Standard Build

Price varies for Custom Builds


This is one area that Endeavors One excels at! The $100.00 per unit standard build fee is just that, $100.00 for our services to put together all of the components and build the system, plus any materials such as thermal paste or other items as necessary to complete the build.


The price varies for custom builds depends on the complexity and/or the design variations or customizations, such as paint, metal work, welding and fabrication. Have an idea that you want to bring to life? Endeavors One can make it happen!



Network Installation

$35.00 Per Hour Plus Hardware and Materials for Residential Customers

$125.00 Per Hour Plus Hardware and Materials for Business Customers


This service includes all labor necessary to install either a wired or wireless network in a home or business. The hardware necessary to facilitate this installation depends upon the particular installation and home or site. Hardware such as routers, switches, adapters and cables are available for installation. Routers, switches and adapters vary in pricing depending upon the manufacturer and specifications of the hardware. Network cabling can be made for the specific installation for $2.50 per cable foot.



3D Printing Services

Price is on a per job basis


3D printing is one of our newer services that we are offering, with the ability to create either pre-designed items or items based on the requirements of the client. The price of the build and print is on a per job basis, as no two 3D print tasks are always the same or require the same amount of filament. Contact us to discuss how we may be able to meet your 3D printing needs!




These are just a few of the services that we provide. We are a full service IT and Computer Repair business, so, if you do not see a service and price associated with that service listed above, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs!












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